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We are dedicated to the prosperity of our clients!
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A Few Words About Us

As part of the successful IFL Group, we have over 15 years experience working with contractors, giving us insight into your needs and work practices. We currently manage over £16 million in funds and have over 400 contractor 'partners'.

UK Limited Company
We are a limited company registered in the UK and work with all the major agencies throughout the UK. We ensure swift payment of all accounts.

What we offer

Personal Service

Our advantage lies with our personal service. We will contact you and at the times convenient to you. And all our advice comes completely free of change.

You're in Control

We understand your concerns about staying in control of your finances and the need to have freedom to carry out your business. We offer you our skills at helping you keep more of the money you earn. We will recommend the most suitable programme for your own individual needs.

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Competitive Fees

We work with all the major agencies throughout the UK and are familiar with their preferred working practices to ensure swift payment of all accounts.

ITCF's competitive fees gives you access to the most generous Inland Revenue approved expenses policy available, a major reduction in your administration workload and the benefit of a range of inclusive insurance products that are on a par with the best of permanent employment packages.